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Trying to write to array

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I'm trying to read a file to an array, strip some data and then write it back to an array so I can put it into an excel file.  I'll be writing up to 20K lines to excel so i'm not sure if this is the most efficient way but I'm running into a problem and it looks like no data is written to the array.  


#include <FileConstants.au3>
#include <File.au3>

Local $VendorFile = "C:\test.txt"
Local $OpenVendorFile = FileOpen($VendorFile, $FO_READ)

Local $Header = FileReadLine($OpenVendorFile, 1)
Local $PO = StringLeft($Header, 10)
Local $VendorID = StringStripWS(StringMid($Header, 53, 10), 8)
Local $Records = StringMid($Header, 31, 6)
Local $ActualRecords = _FileCountLines($VendorFile) - 1
Local $Detail = FileReadLine($OpenVendorFile, 2)
Local $MPC = StringStripWS(StringMid($Detail, 31, 20), 8)
Local $Description = "MATERIAL DESCRIPTION"

Local $aVendorFile

Local $aExcelArray[$ActualRecords][6]

For $k = 2 To UBound($aVendorFile[0]) - 1

    $PalletID = StringStripWS(StringMid($aVendorFile[$k],351,30),8)
    $SerialNumber = StringStripWS(StringMid($aVendorFile[$k],81,20),8)
    $MasterCarton = StringStripWS(StringMid($aVendorFile[$k],181,20),8)

    $aExcelArray[$k][0] = $PO
    $aExcelArray[$k][1] = $SAPSKU
    $aExcelArray[$k][2] = $Description
    $aExcelArray[$k][3] = $SerialNumber
    $aExcelArray[$k][4] = $PalletID
    $aExcelArray[$k][5] = $MasterCarton




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I figured it out.  I guess what I want to know now is what's the fastest way to write ~20K lines to excel?  Writing each line inside the for loop or from the array?

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