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Open .html File with IE

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A friend sent me a script for calculating PBKDF2 that he grabbed from github

the script has (js/pbkdf2.js, js/sha1.js, index.html)

so i have managed to FileOpen the index.html file and stringreplace 2 values

and opening the .html with IE

#include <File.au3>
#include <IE.au3>

local $File = "index.html"
Local $FileRead = FileRead($File)
local $ReplacePassprase = StringReplace($FileRead, "passprase", "p4ssw0rd")
local $ReplaceSalt = StringReplace($ReplacePassprase, "salt", "123")
local $FileWrite = FileWrite("indexOUT.html", $ReplaceSalt)

local $oIE = _IECreate("C:\Users\user\Desktop\indexOUT.html")

here is the line i am changing into .html file

var mypbkdf2 = new PBKDF2("passprase", "salt", 1000, 32);

the problem is :

i can't get the calculated key from the source


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@TAMIRI as the PBKDF2 derivation is specifically for preventing brute force attacks, this thread is locked until you provide a PM explaining what legitimate reason you have for doing this. Please refer to our forum rules in the interim.

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