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Multi OR

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Checkout this why "OR" not works thats my code

Global $color[2] = [0xE74747,0xE94747]

Func Refresh()
    $StartConst[0] = $Start[0] ; reset value
    While $StartConst[0] <> $End[0]
        Local $i
        $i += 10
        $StartConst[0] += 17
        $col = PixelGetColor($StartConst[0], $StartConst[1], $Title)

         ; get color 
        ;For $t = 0 to 2 ; <- i know it could be done in for loop but it not works in my program
            If $col <> $color[0] Then ; <- why this not works
                Global $NowVal = $i  ;
                GUICtrlSetData($m_actual, $NowVal) ; 

I want to check 2 colors without for loop but this below not works . it checks only first value why?

If $col <> $color[0] Or $col <> $color[1] Then ; <- why this not works


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What do you expect from that If other that it is always true? ;)

Do you want to test whether the $col is not equal to either color  and want an AND condition?




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that should be an AND if you want OR it needs to be

if $col <> $Color[0] AND $col <> $Color[1] Then
if Not ($col = $Color[0] OR $col = $Color[1]) Then


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oshiet thanks xd

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