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_IEBodyReadHTML returns 0

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Hello everybody!

I'm new here and a newbie working with AutoIt.

I have some legacy code using AutoIt that is having some problems and I'm having some trouble resolving them.

The code is trying to save a webpage's HTML to a text file. It was working perfectly for months but, all of a sudden, the file where the HTML is stored just contains a "0".

I was searching some help and found this topic with the same error but it looks like some messages have been deleted and I don't have enough info to get to resolve my problem:

Here is the code:

    Local $hFileOpen = FileOpen($sTempFolder&"\webpage_"&$idProy&".txt", $FO_OVERWRITE)


If someone can lend me a hand, I'll be really grateful.

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@kID_kORN Welcome to the forum! Nice to see a "newbie" that does some research before blindly asking for help. :thumbsup:

A couple of thoughts related to your situation --

  • Separate the commands and add some error checking. For example --
    $sHTML = _IEBodyReadHTML($oTruco2)
    If Not @error Then FileWrite($hFileOpen, $sHTML)

    This will prevent the "0" from being written to the file. You would need to investigate the value of @error to determine why _IEBodyReadHTML is failing.

  • Depending on your needs, you could drop the _IE* command and use something like _INetGetSource instead.

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Thanks Danp2!

I have added error checking and I'm trying to determine what is error value 3. I'm going to consult @extended value too to try to understand the problem...

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