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Making a Widget?

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I have never worked with widgets before, so I just wanted to ask if making a widget for Windows 10 with AutoIT is possible? E.g. A UI (number) on my desktop which updates every X minutes or when it is clicked, or a script is run (how it updates isn't too important).

If possible, what are some things I could use to begin with?


If the above is not possible, I will simply make a script which goes to a URL, reads the source, and then finds the values I need and processes them. E.g. In the attached image, I will look for "Total portfolio value", then record the number in the following tag (highlighted).

#include <INet.au3>

$data = _INetGetSource('URLTOMYSTOCKTRADINGPROFILE', True) ;Get HTML source.

However, how would I make it log in? Note: I do not want any browsers being opened or user control being lost.


Thank you in advance.


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Did you try searching the forum first? There are a number of people who have played with widgets in one form or another:

site:autoitscript.com widget


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@JLogan3o13, I had looked before posting this.

Perhaps I'm looking for the wrong thing?

Edit: I only looked in the forum's search feature. I found more information using your google suggestion.

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