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How to run beta version

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The only way I have been able to run the beta version of AutoIt is to edit the script in SciTE and then use "Beta Run" on the "Tools" menu of SciTE. When I try to associate the AU3 extention with the beta version of AutoIt3.exe in my "Program Files" folder it does not work. Is there any way to get the beta version to run when I mouse click on an AU3 script file? I installed the beta version without uninstalling AutoIt v3.1.1. Should I have uninstalled AutoIt v3.1.1 before installing the beta version?

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sorry out of topic but......dammit valuator u always post b4 i do!! lol...i wanna get more posts but u keep helping ppl b4 i read the post lol...and im not on either much too....lol sorry, no offense, just saying....plus im a noob at autoit....not that much but ya.....


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Another way to toggle the two versions that I prefer:

1) Install the standard version found here.

2) Install the latest beta version found here.

3) Install SciTE, our favourite script editor found here.

4) Install SciTE's updated definitions for AutoIT's latest beta found here.

After these steps you have an excellent editor to write your scripts and a very easy way to test them in either the standard version or the beta one automatically. While scripting press F5 to run your script with the standard version or Alt+F5 to run it with the beta.

SciTE has also a lot of other great stuff that you will probably adore. Its page is http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/scite/.

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