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Catching firefox events? Possible?

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I don't even know if this is possible,  I found this code (adapted it for FF) which is supposed to give an output to be used with TLBViewer.au3 to determine which events are fired off to see if I can catch them. The code doesn't do anything but is this even possible to do? Maybe there is another function i'm not aware of or an alternative?

Basically I'm trying to see if its possible to see when a certain button is pressed on a webpage via firefox and to then update some numbers based off that.

Please and thank you!




#include <FF.au3>

Local $oIE = _FFConnect(Default, default, 3000)

Local $oButton = _FFXpath("/html/body/form/section[1]/button[1]", "id")
MsgBox("", "", $oButton)

ConsoleWrite(ObjName($oButton) & @CRLF)
ConsoleWrite(ObjName($oButton, 4) & @CRLF) ; File with Interface defs
ConsoleWrite(ObjName($oButton, 6) & @CRLF) ; CLSID of the object's coclass

; Event object
Local $oEvent = ObjEvent($oButton, "_MY_EVENT_HANDLER_")


Func _MY_EVENT_HANDLER_onclick($oEvtObj)
    ConsoleWrite("!!!!!CLICKED THE BUTTON" & @CRLF)
    MsgBox(4096, "Yay JohnOne!", "You clicked the button.")


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Posted (edited)

If you are using a recent version of FireFox (after ver. 54) then the necessary add_on  MozRepl (which is necessary for FF.au3 to work) no longer works.  You may want to look at:



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Oh awesome, I'm doing this at work n everything works fine so i guess there using an older one. But that WebDriver looks interesting, i'll take a look into that thanks.
out of interest, while i'm here. Will that work with firefox 'Quantum' as well?

Thanks Again

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2 hours ago, Clerythecleric said:

Will that work with firefox 'Quantum'

Yes, and most other current browsers as well.

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