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Stop process if user switches to another account

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I am trying to write a script for my PC which starts a Monero miner when the user is absent. I have gotten this far and the script is working as intended except for one thing: 

#include <Timers.au3>
While 1
   $idleTimer = _Timer_GetIdleTime()
   If $idleTimer > 3000 And Not ProcessExists("xmr-stak.exe") Then
   ElseIf $idleTimer < 10 Then

The issue is Switch user is often used as it's a family PC and when someone switches to a different account to which the script is running the script detects the user idle and starts the miner.

Is this a limitation with idletimer or can I do something about it?

This is my first time using Autoit or doing programming of any kind so please excuse my noobness.  :ph34r:



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you will need to be able to detect user switches. I found this. in that post he gets it working. You can use that code if it works for you or adapt it to your needs.


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Thanks for the reply but I managed to get it working through Task scheduler. 

I compiled a new script which kills all the necessary processes and set it to trigger on user disconnecting from session in Task Scheduler. 

Seems to work seamlessly. :D

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