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I am trying to create a script to clean up users' desktops by moving all desktop folders and files (except the two hidden "desktop.ini" files and a MyDesktop.lnk shortcut) to a different folder. The script below will move files but not folders. The other issue with the script is that it doesn't seem to execute from a location other than the user's desktop. I would appreciate any suggestions.

#include <File.au3>
MsgBox(64, "Desktop", "Cleaning up Desktop. This box will close in 4 seconds.", 4)
$Files = _FileListToArray(@DesktopDir,"*",1)                                                               
For $Index = 1 To $Files[0]                             
    If StringRight($Files[$Index],4) <> ".ini, MyDesktop.lnk" Then     


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28 minutes ago, copyleft said:

The script below will move files but not folders

because you use the $FLTA_FILES (1) option in _FileListToArray
Have a look at DirMove too...


29 minutes ago, copyleft said:

it doesn't seem to execute from a location other than the user's desktop.

because in _FileListToArray you didn't put the last option $bReturnPath to "true" so you can get full paths


33 minutes ago, copyleft said:

If StringRight($Files[$Index],4) <> ".ini, MyDesktop.lnk" Then

Seriously, this works:blink:


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still lost.

I'm not getting the " $FLTA_FILES " placement and is the "DirMove" command in addition to FileMove?

#include <File.au3>

MsgBox(64, "Desktop", "Cleaning up Desktop. This box will close in 4 seconds.", 4)
$Files = _FileListToArray(@DesktopDir,"*", TRUE, 0)     
For $Index = 1 To $Files[0]                             
    If StringRight($Files[$Index],4) <> "MyDesktop.lnk" & ".ini" Then     


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Hmm. You might read very carefully the concerned pages in the helpfile, particularly the sample scripts, the func parameters, and so on

Untested - I want to keep my desktop :idiot:

#include <File.au3>

; get BOTH files and folders, without full path
$stuff = _FileListToArray(@DesktopDir,"*", $FLTA_FILESFOLDERS, False)     
; destination folder
$dest = "F:\1HOME\Desktop"
If not FileExists($dest) Then DirCreate($dest)

; then go
For $i = 1 To $stuff[0]    
   If StringInStr(FileGetAttrib(@DesktopDir & "\" & $stuff[$i]), "D") Then   ; it's a folder 
        DirMove(@DesktopDir & "\" & $stuff[$i], $dest & "\" & $stuff[$i], $FC_NOOVERWRITE)
   Else    ; it's a file
         If StringRight($stuff[$i], 4) <> ".ini" AND $stuff[$i] <> "MyDesktop.lnk" Then     
              FileMove(@DesktopDir & "\" & $stuff[$i], $dest & "\" & $stuff[$i], $FC_NOOVERWRITE)          


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