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Simulate a mouse click on an Adobe Flex based site

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So basically, I'm on a page on a site where frameset is composed of .js and .swf. I was able to simulate a tab using the Send("{TAB}") function however, using Send("{ENTER}") function does not work and as an alternative I'm about to try and use a mouse click function though there's nothing on the page that I can use as it is a Flash based site. Any of you got an issue same as this one? 

Here's my code at the moment:

#include <IE.au3>

Local $oIE = _IECreate("basic")
Local $oFrames = _IEFrameGetCollection($oIE, 0)

_IEImgClick($oFrames, "directlinktoimage")

Send("{TAB 16}") ; => Hit tab 16 times to get to the element to be clicked
Send("{ENTER}") ; => Not workinig

The url to site is not available as it is only internal.

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2 hours ago, junkew said:

see faq 31. If IE.au3 cannot help you most likely have to fallback to iuiautomation and try what simplespy is giving you.

Will look into it. Thanks!

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