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How do I access this amount in visible text?

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I have a strange form I'm trying to access the Amount for


I tried accessing it via this code with no success.




Local $hWnd = WinWait("Cost Entry", "", 10)
;obtain the text in that window which should be "Successfully Saved records for RSA1"
Local $RecordSaveSuccess = ControlGetText($hWnd, "", "Static2")
if StringInStr($RecordSaveSuccess, $Rate) then
   MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "Test" & $TestCount & "  Result", "Test Passed, Cost entry Saved", 4)
      FileWrite($hFilehandle, @CRLF & "Test" & $TestCount & " Create a new cost using timekeeper" & $Timekeeper & " Ensure Timekeeper saves     " & $RecordSaveSuccess & " Test Passed")

   MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "Test" + $TestCount & " Result", "Test Failed", 4)
         FileWrite($hFilehandle, @CRLF & "Test" & $TestCount & " Create a new timekeeper using " & $Initials & "    Ensure timekeeper saves     Test Failed" & $RecordSaveSuccess)




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