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Compile SomeScript to exe and ShellExecute("SomeScript.exe").  If opening a script also executes it on your machine may be able to use ShellExecute("SomeScript.au3").

Run("SomeScript.exe") probably works too.

If you need inter-process communication you can read from: stdout using $pid returned from Run()

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The scripts do not have to be compiled although they certainly can be.  Script 1 calls script 2 below...

; script 1

#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>

msgbox($mb_ok,'Script 1',"Hi, I'm script 1" & @crlf & 'Hit Enter to call script 2')

ShellExecute('C:\Users\Tom\Documents\AI Help Scripts\script 2.au3')


; script 2

#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>

msgbox($mb_ok,'Script 2',"Hi, I'm script 2")

There are other ways to do this also.  All of them described in the Help file.


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