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Ini modification on key detected?

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im a new user and im starting to learn about AHK.

I want to make a simple script with these processes:
1. When the "5" key is detected, modify a line from a ini i got that permits the user to open a process. Something like a variable with newline and old line?
2. After a time, lets say 5 minutes, the script should return for example "ESC", and wait for another "5" key, which is the native status of the script.
3. (optional) if another 5 is pressed, add another 5 minutes to the restarting amount of time.
4. (optional) show a gui with the current remaining time.

I know its complex but i just need a little push.

Thank you!!

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If you want to learn AHK, why don't you post your request in an AHK forum?  You do realize this is an AutoIt forum don't you?  If you want to learn AutoIt, then I would start with getting familiar with the help file and the search function of the forum.

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Whoever said that there's no such thing as a dumb question, probably asked a lot of DUMB questions.  Dumb questions are ones that you can easily find the answer to on your own.

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You can use something like:

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "_ExitScript")
HotKeySet("6", "_EndTimer")
HotKeySet("5", "_StartTimer")

Global $hTimer, $fTimer = 0, $bTimer = False
Global $sIniProcess = @ScriptDir & "\Process.ini" ;~ Ini File Path

While 1

Func _StartTimer()
    $bTimer = True
    $hTimer = TimerInit() ;~ Begin the timer and store the handle in a variable
    IniWrite($sIniProcess, "Process", "Notepad.exe", True)
    While 1
        $fTimer = Round(TimerDiff($hTimer), 0)
        If $fTimer >= 10000 Or $bTimer = False Then
            $bTimer = False
            IniWrite($sIniProcess, "Process", "Notepad.exe", False)

Func _EndTimer()
    $bTimer = False

Func _ExitScript()


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