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Repeated Login Best Practice

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HI all,

It may be because it's still early in the day for me, however I'm having issues trying to figure out best practice for something. My issue is as follows:

I'm automating using an API that requires authentication. Since I need to authorize for every WinHTTP.Open() I've been considering storing the password by setting it using a function like so:

_SetLogin($vData, $sPassword="")
    Local Static $sUser
    Local Static $sPass

    If IsObj($vData) Then ; If oHTTP object
        $vData.SetCredentials($sUser, $sPass, 0)
        $sUser = $vData
        $sPass = $sPassword

Func _DoThing($sAPI, $iParam1, $iParam2)

    Local $oHTTP = ObjCreate("WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1")

    $oHTTP.Open("POST", $sAPI & "User/" & $iParam1 & "/Dialogs", False)
    If @error Then Return SetError(1, @extended, @error)


    If @error Then Return SetError(2, 0, 0)

    If $oHTTP.Status <> STATUS_SUCCESS Then Return SetError($oHTTP.Status, 0, $oHTTP.ResponseText)

    Return SetError(0, 0, $oHTTP.ResponseText)


_DoThing("http://API/API", 125, 125)

Any advice on if there's better way to do this or any advice on best practice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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