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Using multithreading for polling?

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I was wondering if it would be a good or bad idea to implement multithreading purely for the sake of polling?

Thread1: Run script as normal.
Thread2: Poll every 5 seconds for certain conditions, e.g. check processes opened, actions to execute.

Currently, the way I have my scripts is messy. I have the same condition check functions called inside all my while loops to prevent infinite looping.

Also, it would be nice to have 1 thread pause the other thread. Is that possible?
E.g. If Thread2 finds that process1 is closed, it will pause Thread1 until process1 is opened again.

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You appear to be confusing processes and threads, i.e., multi-processing (easily done in AutoIt) versus multi-threading (not; see countless earlier discussions on AutoIt being single-threaded). Pausing and resuming processes is possible, and discussed in various forum topics (for example here and here). It is, incidentally (geek alert!), also possible in AutoIt to suspend/resume individual threads of another (multi-threaded) process (e.g., some dlls), but since AutoIt scripts are themselves single-threaded, that does not apply in this context (plus: here be dragons...:evil:). The two previous suggestions by Jos and Bert should work out fine for quick and simple tasks. If, however, multiple tasks are time-critical and must run alongside each other, I'd suggest writing two separate scripts (one launching and controlling the other), and having them communicate with IPC (inter-process communication, again, plenty of examples on the forum on that subject).

BTW attempting to force AutoIt to run multi-threaded has been known to open interdimensional portals, releasing hell-spawn and brain-eating demons... I'd suggest you keep that door closed.;)

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