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How to autoclick a "sell" button on a window as and when the button appears?

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Dear Experts. I am a novice. I need autoit script to do the following:


I have a software that displays a "Sell" button on its window when certain conditions are met. Currently i watch the screen and click the "sell" button when ever it appears. After clicking, the button disappears. Again when certain conditions are met, the "sell" button appears again on the same place. Please post a script to auto click this button as and when it appears. 


Thanks a lot in advance.

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Hi @TVR, and welcome to the AutoIt forum :)

This is not a "script" shop where you can request for a script, and magically it appears.

This is an HELP forum, where you post your code, and we help you.

And, what I am sayin', is in the Forum Etiquette, which I reccomend you to read carefully.

Usually asking for a script is not taken too well, within reason. Keep in mind that this is a support forum, so please acknowledge that. We are here to help you with your scripts, not to spoon-feed code to you.

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