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FileReadLine not returning all characters in a line

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Hello Everyone, 

I am having a bit of trouble getting my FileReadLine function to read all the characters in a specific text file. Here is my code. 

Func PastePassword() ;Paste Password
        $file = ('C:\Text\Logins\MacroPWList.txt')
        FileOpen($file, 0)
        For $i = 2 to _FileCountLines($file)
            $line = FileReadLine($File, 2)
            GUISetState(@SW_HIDE, $wsi_form)

$line should return the following string "EY@RdJ5S}#<r8rh"

However, instead $line is returning "EY@RdJ5S}<r8rh"

For some reason it is leaving out the # sign in the string. Does anyone know why that is?


Thanks for all your help!

Edited by xiantez
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      Can someone explane the following: Missing chars when using code?

      ps - looks like you can no longer paste your code with TIDY???

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