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opening two website at 15 min interval with autoit in full screen mode

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Hi there,

  I am new to scripting and still learning. I google on window scripting and autoIT appear on the search. I am trying to write a script on window to open a chrome browser and go to a particular site and open the site for 15 min in full screen mode and then go to another site and run for 15 min then go back to the previous website in a continuous loop. i go thru the guide and search the forum and all are requesting to use shellexecute.  This is what i come out with but it doesn't seem to work. 

While 1 ;loop indefinitely
    shellexecute("http://www.google.com","") ;give focus to notepad
    Sleep(30000) ;sleep 30 seconds
    shellexecute("http://www.yahoo.com","") ;give focus to wordpad
    Sleep(30000) ;sleep 30 seconds


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The point being made above is that you are not explaining what you are trying to accomplish very well. Help us help you, you open the website and then seem to want to give focus to Notepad, then open another site and give focus to Wordpad. What is it you're trying to do with your script?

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