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I am starting to have more and more scripts I use, which all basically do one small thing each.
Currently, they are all pinned to start. As this number grows, I've been thinking about making one script I can run, which contains all of these scripts.
However, what would be the best way to do this?

My first thought was to just have a hotkeyset for ctrl+1, 2, 3, etc... Eventually you run out of buttons.
My second thought was to implement a GUI which has grid-like buttons, which run the scripts. Maintainting this GUI would require work? Or would it be simple with the use of tabs, and have maybe 9 programs per tab? Or maybe a list which can be scrolled through?

Another thing I was thinking about is, what would be the best way to handle the applications I run, assuming I run multiple at the same time?
E.g. Using the collection script, run script 1 and script 2, which don't kill themselves. I need a way to kill them.
I think with hotkeyset I could use ctrl+# = run, alt+# = kill. With the GUI, First click = run, Second click = kill.

Any other good ways to implement this?

Also, is it better for the collection to #include .au3 files of the other scripts or install .exe files of the other scripts upon calling the "run"? I feel like #include would be better, but since the install feature exists, there may be something I don't know.

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I think the best way to do it, wouls be using the GUI, because, if you want to "have" a lot of scripts, but keys on the keyboard are over, how can you do that? :)

There are a tons of way to do that...

If you have a lot of buttons to display, then you could make some tabs in which you put those buttons...

Try to start a little GUI, and then investigate on how to do whatever you want :)

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@FrancescoDiMuro Okay, GUI buttons it is.

If multiple scripts use the same hotkey, how would you manage something like that if they are running at the same time?

From my experience:
Script 1 = run.
Script 2 = run.
Hotkey works for Script 2.
Script2 = killed.
Hotkey doesn't work for Script 1.

Most of my scripts use the same hotkeys to be consistent (and I don't need to worry about which script requires which hotkey to do what).

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make a combination with where your mouse is or which windows/controls are on the screen

  • if you press ctrl+1 and your mouse is on the left side of the screen you can do something else then when its on the right
  • Or more fancy when you make a certain mouse move you do a different script
  • bouncing with your mouse 2-3 times on top, left, right, bottom etc of your screen within a certain millisecond time frame triggers a certain script


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