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Retrieve all links from website and save to Notepad

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Hi all,

I am new to AutoIT and hope that you can help me with a pretty simple problem.

Problem: I have a website with multiple links that need to be extracted

Task: First I want to extract all links that contain the substring "https://www.twst.com/interview/" in their HTML tagging. Secondly I want to write the links (URLs) into a Notepad (-txt) file. Please finde attached two pictures of exaple URLs in the HTML of the website.


Result: What the Notepad file should look like (linewise entries of the URLs):




Any ideas how to do that? Many thanks in advance!


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so you want someone else to code it for you? show us what you have tried please.

My resources are limited. You must ask the right questions


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I'm bored so here is a working example:

#include <IE.au3>
Local $bFileOpen = False, $hFileOpen, $sFileOpen = @ScriptDir & "\twstlinks.txt"
Local $sSearch = "https://www.twst.com/interview/"
Local $iSearch = StringLen($sSearch)
Local $oIE = _IECreate("https://www.twst.com/", 1)
Local $oLinks = _IELinkGetCollection($oIE)
If IsObj($oLinks) Then
    For $oLink In $oLinks
        If StringLeft($oLink.href, $iSearch) = $sSearch Then _WriteLinks($oLink.href)
If $bFileOpen Then FileClose($hFileOpen)

Func _WriteLinks($_sLink)
    If $bFileOpen Then
        FileWrite($hFileOpen, $_sLink & @CRLF)
        $hFileOpen = FileOpen($sFileOpen, 1)
        FileWrite($hFileOpen, $_sLink & @CRLF)
        $bFileOpen = True


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