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Multiple Website Search - (Moved)

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I have several user's who need to search multiple supplier websites for a part number. Each supplier website has a search function that the user types in the part number.

I am looking for a way for them to only enter the part number once and for the query to go and search all the websites (15) at once, ideally i'm looking at something like a hotel booking site that then comes back with the products, prices and quantities in stock.

I asked the question on Spiceworks and someone pointed me in this direction saying it may be possible to poke the info in using AutoIT.

My scripting and programming skills are quite basic, so any help  or pointers would be appreciated  

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There are multiple options depending on your desired implementation. I would recommend one of the following --

  • Use the built-in _IE* commands to automate one or more IE sessions (can be visible or hidden)
  • Use the WinHTTP UDF to perform the searches and return the results

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Welcome to the AutoIt forum :)

Take a look at _IE* functions in the Help file to create/navigate to the various websites and to take the information you need.


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  • I will always thank you for the time you spent for me.
    I'm here to ask, and from your response, I'd like to learn.
    By my knowledge, I can help someone else, and "that someone" could help in turn another, and so on.




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