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Problem with func - output 0?

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I have problem with my work...

#include <ButtonConstants.au3>
#include <EditConstants.au3>
#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <WindowsConstants.au3>
#Region ### START Koda GUI section ### Form=
$Form1 = GUICreate("Form1", 615, 437, 192, 124)
Global $Input1 = GUICtrlCreateInput("", 8, 8, 121, 21)
$Button1 = GUICtrlCreateButton("Button1", 280, 32, 75, 25)
$Edit1 = GUICtrlCreateEdit("", 8, 88, 345, 145)
#EndRegion ### END Koda GUI section ###

While 1
    $nMsg = GUIGetMsg()
    Switch $nMsg
        Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE

        Case $Button1


Func blanktoplus($aa)
 StringReplace(GuiCtrlRead($aa), " ", "+")
 Global $iReplacements = @extended

Func editb()
    Global $Edit1 = GUICtrlSetData(-1,"The full name is:" & blanktoplus($Input1))



On my form i have: 1x Input, 1x Button, 1x Edit

In input1 i have: Sara Oconnor.

I want after click button to set message in edit1 like this:

The full name is: Sara+Oconnor

Now i have: The full name is: 0


Where is the problem? Thanks!

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Why not just run your function like this rather than trying to pull your string from @extended?

Func blanktoplus($aa)
 $myString = StringReplace(GuiCtrlRead($aa), " ", "+")
 Return $myString


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