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I want to make a special video+audio recorder in AutoIT. I currently have other recording software, so I don't want to just duplicate them, which simply record audio+video of my computer.

I have found how to record audio (http://sox.sourceforge.net/sox.html), but I don't know how to record video.

I would ideally want the audio + video to be recorded in the same file. If that cannot be done, is there a way for me to combine an audio file and a video file easily with AutoIT? If not, I can always resort to Windows Movie Maker (although I don't want to).

The big thing I would like is: multiple recordings at the same time. I'm assuming this cannot be handled by SoX? What I would like is something like this:
1- IE Tab 1 - Record video and audio.
2- IE Tab 2 - Record video and audio.
3- IE Tab 3 - Record video and audio.
All 3 record at the same time, but they ONLY record the audio and video of tabs 1, 2 and 3 respeciverly. Then I have 3 separate files with their own audio and video, not interupted by the other tabs.

Is this possible? Or is it perhaps too complicated/impossible to implement?

Thank you in advance.

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