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Script doesn't work in the background

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I'm a new member but I always find solutions to my problems here by google. This time I couldn't find any so i'm creating this topic.

I've got a script:

Func work()
    sendlog("Working in progress...")
    GUICtrlSetData($label1, "Active")
    GuiCtrlSetState($graphic1, $GUI_HIDE) ;turn green light
    GuiCtrlSetState($graphic2, $GUI_SHOW)
    sendlog("I'm waiting...")
    While $count <> 0 ;loop is working while there is any tasks on the list
        if $next_when <= 80 Then ;if there is less than 80s to do task ($next_when = _DateDiff('s', _NowCalc(), $datetime))
            sendlog("I'm preparing")
            While $wait = 0
                If @HOUR = $an_hour Then
                    If @Min = $an_minute Then
                        If @SEC = $an_second Then
            MsgBox(0, "", "Success")
            $wait = 0
    GuiCtrlSetState($graphic1, $GUI_SHOW) ;turn red light if not active
    GuiCtrlSetState($graphic2, $GUI_HIDE)

It works fine but only if window is active. I'm not using WinActive anywhere.

If I focus other window and this is working in the background it goes to the "I'm preparing" message and that's it. Then infinite loop I guess. I'm not receiving msgbox "success" or anything after that.

In this script I'm using IE.au3 (not in this case), WinAPIFiles.au3, Date.au3, File.au3 and some other like WindowsConstants.au3 etc.

What it could be?

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@mjb_ you are showing one function out of your entire script, we need to see all the missing pieces in order to assist

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