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A small question about Run()

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I was just wondering how do you start a program, with a script, that can be found in same folder as the script exectutable itself?

I havent figured it out yet, im very sure its possible tho.

Its something like this say i have my little script executable in d:\kewl stuff\ and in this folder i have a .ini aswell, lets call it kewl.ini. How would i edit info in kewl.ini without writting the entire path to kewl.ini (assuming its in same directory as the script exectutable)?

Thanks for any help to solve this problem :P

IniWrite("C:\Scripts\HealthCheck v0\saved.ini", "Test2", "Test2", GUICtrlRead($file))

^^ as an example how it looks now.

Ops, a bit sorry about the topic i meant IniWrite/IniRead, but i have same problem with Run() aswell. Hope its just an easy fix :lmao:

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