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Get _IE object property that has a dash in the key

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I am currently writing a program that interfaces with Google Play Music using the _IE UDF. It is working quite well, except I need it to pull the Artist and Album information. I started by copying the entire html file and doing string functions to cut it down to just this information, but that was really inefficient. It would be really nice if I could just get the information in a more straight forward way. 

Other pieces of information I have been able to get the object and then read the property, for example:

$Title = (_IEGetObjById($ID,"currently-playing-title")).title

returns the title of the song. However when it comes to the artist and album the HTML looks like this:


<div class="currently-playing-details">

<div id="player-artist" class="player-artist" data-type="artist" data-id="Arq5rde3pgv5nt2cc5zr2fg54bu/Khalid" data-navigate="">Khalid</div>

<div class="player-dash">&nbsp;-&nbsp;</div>

<div class="player-album" data-type="album" data-id="B4hgubrz7rtwagflkwquay4xfb4/Khalid/Suncity" data-navigate="">Suncity</div></div>

I have managed to get the artist information using the following code:

$Artist = _IEGetObjById($ID,"player-artist")
    $Artist = _IEPropertyGet($Artist,'innerhtml')

So my question is, short of reading through the whole HTML to get the album information, is there a way to get the "data-navigate" info?

I have searched quite hard for the answer to this, and have managed to optimize other sections of my code from additional information I have found on the forum, but this one has stumped me. 

Thank you so much for your assistance!

I will attach my whole code in case this isn't enough information

Google Play OSC Remote.au3

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So I opened up the _IE UDF and saw that is using javascript, so I bypassed the UDF and used javascript commands to get elements by class, and since there is only one element with the "player-album" class I was able to get that element then use the same propertyget command to get the album. 

The working code looks like this:

$oAlbums = $ID.document.getElementsByClassName("player-album")
    for $oAlbum in $oAlbums
        $oAlbum = $oAlbum
    $sAlbum = _IEPropertyGet($oAlbum,'innerhtml')

It appears that after 2 days of trying to figure this out, all I had to do was ask for help to figure it out.

I am still interested in any other ideas that people have, working does not mean best practice.


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