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3 hours ago, Skeletor said:

Or another way is, in SciTE, Go to Tools...


Those are "only" available in the Full SciTE4AutoIt3 version!


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16 hours ago, ShrutiW said:

Can anyone please tell me how to debug script in AutoIt?

Keep away from coding bugs?

(Just saying)

This wonderful site allows debugging and testing regular expressions (many flavors available). An absolute must have in your bookmarks.
Another excellent RegExp tutorial. Don't forget downloading your copy of up-to-date pcretest.exe and pcregrep.exe here
RegExp tutorial: enough to get started
PCRE v8.33 regexp documentation latest available release and currently implemented in AutoIt beta.

SQLitespeed is another feature-rich premier SQLite manager (includes import/export). Well worth a try.
SQLite Expert (freeware Personal Edition or payware Pro version) is a very useful SQLite database manager.
An excellent eBook covering almost every aspect of SQLite3: a must-read for anyone doing serious work.
SQL tutorial (covers "generic" SQL, but most of it applies to SQLite as well)
A work-in-progress SQLite3 tutorial. Don't miss other LxyzTHW pages!
SQLite official website with full documentation (may be newer than the SQLite library that comes standard with AutoIt)

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@ShrutiW If you are looking for a debugger tool for your script, then there is no official tool available. The way most people debug their script is to try to find the affected area and pin point the bug by manually adding in code to assist in diagnostics (ConsoleWrite to print the value of some variables to verify that they indeed have the expected value).

That being said, there are some debugging tools available but they are a bit old and dated (haven't seen any which have been updated in the recent years), they basically work by cloning your script and adding some custom code to emulate breakpoints and update the value of variables.

Natively the AutoIt interperter does not have any support for debugging as far as I am aware.

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As said, a judiciously placed ConsoleWrite, if debugging via the Console (i.e. in SciTE) or by using MsgBox's in a similar manner when debugging normally without the Console/SciTE.

Sometimes you can can even get away with using one or more Splash, with timed delay (Sleep).

Another great method, is to have values written to a Log or INI text file etc at similar points.

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I'm very puzzled by the lack of mention of the greatest AutoIt debug tools! Why nothing about the great graphical debugger?  (download at: http://www.thefoolonthehill.net/drupal/AutoIt Debugger)

Or the _Dbug udf? (See: 

It's true that they're not "official", but so what and who cares? If I were forced to debug without one or the other of those two, I'd find another language. The other techniques mentioned here are, in only my own personal opinion, too painful to use.

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