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[Looking for collaboration] LifeSim - A Life simulator in AutoIT

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EDIT: I don't know how I missed the Projects and Collaborations section. Sorry. I ask the mods to move this post in the right place.

First I hope i posted in the right part of this huge forum, second I hope it's "legal" to look for collaborators in an open source project :)

So, let's go straight to the point.

Many years ago (in a galaxy far far away) I started developing this thing in C/C++, then I stopped...it was (it is!) a Life Simulator.

The goals were to develope a sort of artificial animal, completely autonomous, that would:

- Live in a virtual environment (a 256x256 grid for example)

- Have different genres (male and female)

- Have different characteristics (strenght, intelligence, aggressiveness, cuteness....)

- Could interact with other animals of the same specie

- Could eat, sleep and move

- Could procreate through interacting with another animal of the opposite sex generating a new animal with mixed characteristics (sort of DNA)

- Could get sick, be injured, recover, have an immune system, have reactions to the temperature changes

- And many things like these


The main goal was to keep this artificial animal completely autonomous, without user interaction (except for a gui or console to monitor what happens), and maybe in the future the possibility to spread through internet / usb drives and so on (but that's far away from today).

You just launch the first, let's say, 10 of these executables and they start to live, to procreate and so on. I remember years ago I launched 4 copies and by the next hours there were more than twenty animals living and fighting and dying and procreating...it was cute.

Actually I did a release in C/C++ but I lost most of the code through the years, so I want to recreate the experiment in AutoIT.

I already started to write some code but...I'm also looking for collaborators!

So: anyone would be interested in partecipating?

There's NO cash involved, now or in the future, and the entire code will be open source!

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i once toyed with the idea, after reading "The Blind Watchmaker" and "The Selfish Gene" (by Richard Dawkins). both books describe computer simulations of evolutionary processes. i might be able to chip in. what algorithms are you using?

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Hi orbs :)
actually i didn't read anything about it...it was an idea just from scratch.

Indeed i'm not using any particular algorithm, i'm just working with conditions and cycles, with a lot of interactions based on the lsims stats.

Being a project from scratch, i'm open to any new idea so if you want to chip in...you are welcome :) And you are welcome to PM me if you need to!

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so, describe your non-particular algorithm then. no point building from scratch if you already have something working. start with this: how is the "DNA" stored? what "genes" are you using?

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Ok that's the concept:

- There is a pre-existing basic folder structure (if the structure doesn't exist the first sim act like a 'terraformer' and creates the structure) with two subfolders: LSIM and WORLD.

In the first one there is one folder for each lsim which contain various info useful especially for interactions until i find a better way for making them communicate besides writing/reading files (right now working with MailSlots, it will be probably used instead of files).

The "DNA" itself is a text file with the basic traits (stats, immune system, "genetic" modifications....) and when the "mother" get "pregnant" (i'll stop using quotes from now on) she read the father's dna file and mix the file with her dna file in a random way (ex. Stamina 100 with Stamina 245 is a random value from 100 to 245).

Then when the son is born, he will get some of his stats from that new generated DNA.

This is a simplified example of this non-particular algorithm, so the "genes" are simple text lines parsed.

- In the folder WORLD there will be folders and files world-related which are read and parsed by every sim. This contains the Temperature (ideally geo-localized and taken from sites like weather.com), the atmospheric situation (rain, sun, cloudy, polluted, not polluted...), the resources (ex. low ram? Lsims will find less food, so becoming more aggressive or weak...) and so on

Basically every lsim can be born by procreation (being launched by the mother and reading the mixed dna) or by scratch (being randomized).

I was wondering if it would be good to make also a "world helper app" that would control things like weather, pollution and temperature instead of distributing the work through all the lsims.

This is the idea and this is more or less how i did it years ago (besides the fact that weather was almost randomized and now i want to be more realistic).

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