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Unable to read variable with multiple decimal points

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I am having a weird scenario.

I have an INI file which has the result... App1=10.0.9425.6254 and on the local machine, the application version say is 10.0.10224.63255

Using the below code is always giving the incorrect result as "Updated". For some reason it looks like code is only reading the 1st decimal and is not looking at the 2nd and 3rd decimal.

Can someone help?

Local $ServerVer = IniRead("c:\TEST\test.ini", "Results", "App1", "")
Local $LocalVer = FileGetVersion("FilePath", "ProductVersion")

        Case $LocalVer < $ServerVer
            MsgBox(0, '', $LocalVer & " < " & $ServerVer)

        Case Else
            MsgBox(0, '', "updated")


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Why do you think you can do a less than comparison on a none numeric value? A version number is not a number but rather 4 level number.
That is why there is a _VersionCompare() UDF available! ;) Check the helpfile for details.


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