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Ia there any way to use InetRead($url) with login and password?

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The function InetRead($url) returns a page containing login form, but I need to get it under my credentials (as a regular page for registered user). If I try to use the credentials in this way:

$url = "https://login:pass@URL"

the function does not work. Maybe it happens because of login is represented by email containing "@" character. Is their any way to get the page with InetRead($url) function under my credentials?

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Urlencode the username :).

Use %40 in your username instead of the @ symbol for the url encoding, e.g.:



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2 hours ago, trancexx said:

If the page returns login form then form-based auth is used and credentials passed in this manner have no meaning (if at all, depending if system/browser/Inet..set of functions allows it).

This can only be used for "basic auth".

You're right, @trancexx: I end up at a login form.
So it seems, my original try with username@password won't work in this case.

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