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tso mainframe file to pc file - (Moved)

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I hope i am in the right forum has been awhile. following problem

i want to copy a file from tso mainframe to my desktop (..txt file) 

the existing utility (file transfer) can not handle a large amount of data (24,000 records, 80 characters each.

i know how to code autoit scripts. i had one that connect with the tso file transfer program, but will not

work because of the amount of data. i thought of using a REXX script but i dont see if REXX can write to a 

windows txt file. the mainframe session does use the aVIVA EMULATOR BUT WHEN TRING TO CODE A MACRO

WITH THeir basic , it fails.   Does anyone have a suggestion. thank   you



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ty Jos i assume that moderation team is where i will post future topics? yes condoman our tso does have FTP (using ind$fle) which does not work

with the size of the file i am using.  i would like to code a script to handle the transfer. i thought REXX would handle .txt files, but i cant find any

info on it.


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It would seem to me you have two choices to communicate with the system.  1) Screen scraping a TE (terminal emulator) or 2) FTP.  The only way I could see REXX getting in the process would be to automate the FTP. 

I assume you are using a TE on a Win desktop. There must be someone that has successfully used FTP to a server.  Where I worked you needed to be in a special RACF group before FTP could be used.

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If you can interact with the tso mainframe using a 3270 emulator, then you could try as indicated in this post:

The x3270 emulator can be managed by AutoIt and you can easily do "Screen scraping" of entire screens or just a part using dedicated commands. Once you have captured the screen (which of course is captured in text mode) you can write the copied text in a text file, and so on for the next screen until all your data is read.

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5 hours ago, serena_knight said:

i assume that moderation team is where i will post future topics?


You should post them in the appropriate Forum, which you can find here or here below:




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