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Can I Copy Files To A Folder With Autoit?

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win10 pc here.

I have dozens of folders created by my camera download software which makes a folder for each different day.

Going back more than ten years.

I want to copy all those files out of those folders and put them into one single folder (for each years).

so I click on a folder,  click on the first file,  find the last last file, click on the last file,  click 'copy'  move to the windows explorer side bar and find the destination folder - always the same one for this year - and click 'paste'.

then repeat.

Will AutoIt automate this routine for me? 


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1 hour ago, abrogard said:

Will AutoIt automate this routine for me? 

Yes. But your next question is how. And for that the answer is try the example code in the help file.
Next question is: which example. And the answer is: all of them.

I call that: "doing the Katas of coding" ;)

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if you are only wanting to automate this one project and will have no other use for your script once finished, it may be quicker and easier for you to do the job manually than it will be to learn and create a fully functional script.

but, if you are looking to use this project as an opportunity to learn AutoIt then you have a couple of options...

you may be tempted to go with MouseMove and MouseClick to automate the mouse functions, which is fine and can get the job done and is a decent starting point.

OR, you could just skip kindergarten and look into DirCopy, DirMove, FileCopy, FileMove, FileFindFirstFile, and FileGetTime.

If @error Then
    MsgBox(262192, "", @ComputerName & " slaps " & @UserName & " around a bit with a large trout!")

"Yeah yeah patience, how long will that take?"  -Ed Gruberman

REAL search results

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