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How to specify dynamic classname to get handle

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Local $currentFocus = ControlGetFocus("Window1")

;This returns TListBox101

Now i want to use this one to get the handle. I am not sure how i should specify here.I tried

ControlGetHandle("Window1","","[CLASSNAME:"+$currentFocus"]").It didnt work.

Sorry I am new to autoit.

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If you look carefully in the Help file, you'll see that CLASSNAME is not a valid input for ControlGetHandle() function (and any other funxtion about Windows or Controls).

Try to use CLASSNN or CLASS and INSTANCE inputs:

ControlGetHandle("Window1","","[CLASSNN:" & $currentFocus & "]")

In the second option, you have to split the CLASS and the INSTANCE from the CLASSNN (should be CLASS:TListBox10; INSTANCE:1) :)

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