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AD UDF Search Computer Description

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Hey everyone.

Looking at how to do a task in where I search for a Computer by key words in it's description.

I am using _AD_GetObjectAttribute and can search for the computer name and return the attributes I want, but have no idea how to do sort of the reverse.

The computer descriptions get updated with log in and log out timestamps and usernames.

If I get a ticket from a user I want to use this to search for what computer they were using.

Here is my attempt so far.

#Include <AD.au3>
$sResult = _AD_GetObjectAttribute(@ComputerName & "$", "Description")
MsgBox(0, "", $sResult)

;get-adcomputer -filter {name -eq 'redacted'} -properties *

The fields I want to return would be the Computer Name, Description, and IPv4Address

Thanks guys for the help.



Looks like what I need is _AD_GetObjectsInOU

Now working on that, it requires a lot more context with declaring the proper OU and DC that I am not super familiar with, it will be hard to post much without giving away sensitive information so might have to get generic "help".


I sort of have it working, except when I try to ask for IPv4Address it causes an error, and right now I am globally searing the entire AD structure with my filter "objectclass=computer" I can get the computer name and description, but I am not yet filtering the description.

I am not sure if I can make my query search more defined, or will just need to do an array search for the results I want.  I feel like the query should be defined more to speed up results.



Ok found out IP Address from Power shell is not in AD.



I also figured out how to filter my search more and return the results I wanted.

Pretty sure I got it from here :)

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I've created a tool for our helpdesk staff, the condensed version is:

#include <AD.au3>


Func _GetCompInfo($_sComputerName)
    Local $sCompInfo = "Name: " & @TAB & @TAB & $_sComputerName & @CRLF
        $sCompInfo &= "Description: " & @TAB & _AD_GetObjectAttribute($_sComputerName & "$", "description") & @CRLF
        $sCompInfo &= "Ip Address: " & @TAB & TCPNameToIP($_sComputerName) & @CRLF
    MsgBox(4096, $_sComputerName & " CompInfo", $sCompInfo)


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This is what I ended up with.

I might add your TCP stuff to it to pull the IP address.

#Include <AD.au3>
#Include <Array.au3>
#Include <File.au3>
$sUserName = InputBox("IIO Automation - Find User Computer", "Input Users Account Name To Search For", "")

_AD_Open() ;Open Connection To AD
GLOBAL $aObjects[1][1] ;Define The Array To Store Results
$aObjects = _AD_GetObjectsInOU("", "(&(objectclass=computer)(description=" & $sUserName & "*))", 2, "sAMAccountName,operatingSystem,Description") ;AD Query Searching for Computers and A Description Starting With X
If @error > 0 Then ;If We Have No Results
MsgBox(64, "Active Directory", "No Results Found or Bad Query") ;Show Error Message
_ArrayDisplay($aObjects, "User Known Computers", "1:", 0, Default, "Computer Name|Operating System|Description") ;Show Our Results
_AD_Close() ;Close Connection to AD


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