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Send a key from the textbox Visual Basic ?

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Hi did not find much research...

I have AutoItX3.dll and I am using visual basic ...

My problem is from textbox key send and this key press down and press up...

 Send("{a down}") ;Holds the A key down
 Send("{a up}") ;Releases the A key

Like the above code, but A will replace the textbox.


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Are you trying to send the key referred to by the textbox contents? - if so this should work...


Dim KeyToSend As String = TextBox1.Text & " down"
AutoItX.Send("{" & KeyToSend & "}")
KeyToSend = TextBox1.Text & " up"
AutoItX.Send("{" & KeyToSend & "}")


Back up my hard drive? - I can't even find reverse gear.

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