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How to rename iexplore.exe to iexploreOrg.exe ?

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I want to slowly banish Internet Explorer from my system. However, I have many links that point directly to the Internet Explorer and do not use my default browser "Google Chome".
That's why I wrote the following scipt and wanted to rename "iexplore.exe" to "iexploreOrg.exe".
But neither the 32 bit version nor the 64 bit version can be renamed.
Does anyone has a solution for my problem?

#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>

$rc = MsgBox($MB_YESNO + $MB_ICONQUESTION + $MB_TOPMOST, Default, "Do you want to start Internet Explorer?" , 20)
If $rc = $IDNO Then Exit
$rc = ShellExecute("iexploreOrg.exe", ($CmdLine[0]=0 ? "" : $CmdLine[1]))


App: Au3toCmd              UDF: _SingleScript()                             

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Neither the 32bit or the 64bit version can be renamed for obvious common sense reasons. Think about the door opened if you could change the name of system files with a simple AutoIt script. You need to think of a better way to accomplish what you're after, as this is not something we are going to support.

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