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Issues in integrating autoit with Jenkins

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We are trying to open a certain windows application and take a screenshot of that application and save it in a specific path through auto it script. It's working fine on my local machine triggered by Jenkins but the same code is not working on a remote server (multiple users can log in).  And we have provided the admin access inside services.msc for jenkins. When we start the Jenkins job it is able to call the autoit script and open the windows application which is the first line in the autoit script as well (it was running in the task manager) but somehow not able to complete the task and the job goes on running.

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Yes we are running auto script with admin privileges. Our code needs to interact with GUI but if we run it through jenkins on remote server it is running that as a background task. 

And this is our script


$hWnd = WinWait("Untitled - Notepad", "", 10) 

Send("Sending some special characters:{ENTER 2}")



Send("{UP 1}{ENTER}")



$hWnd = WinWait("Untitled - Paint", "", 10) 





Send("{TAB 3}{ENTER}")

If WinExists("Confirm Save As") Then


This works flawlessly in local machine. When I run above script manually it works fine even in remote server but not with the Jenkins.

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36 minutes ago, sridhar_nvm said:

but not with the Jenkins

Makes sense as that likely runs in the background, thus the Send() commands will fail. Use ControlSend() instead.


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