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Passing a "Flag" between scripts; Alternatives to HotKeySet()

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I'm hoping you can help me.


Use an alternative to HotKeySet() to pass flags between scripts. HotKeySet() limits full functionality of the Keyboard which is undesirable.


What I have been doing

I've been using HotKeySet() to successfully pass flags between scripts. In the script below hotkeys, h, k, suspend the loop. 

#include <Misc.au3>

Local $hDLL = DllOpen ("user32.dll")

;Declare Variables
Global $Paused = 0
Local $i = 0
Local $k = 0
Local $j = 0
Local $v = 0

;Define HotKeys
HotKeySet("{h}", "FSuspend")
HotKeySet("{k}", "ASuspend")
HotKeySet("{m}", "TogglePause")

While 1                                             ;Always running, 10 ms loops
      While $j = 0 and $v = 0                           ;Run loop if not suspended
         $h = RedCheck(1403, 1331)                          ;Get RGB values of pixelb
         $x = Number($h[3])
         $q = Number($h[2])
         $e = Number($h[1])
         If ($x >= $q) Then                                 ;See if more red than green
            $i = 1
         If ($x >= $e) Then                                 ;See if more red than blue
            $k = 1
         If $i + $k < 2 Then                                ;If less red than blue or green, wait a bit and send number 4
            $i = 1                                              ;Set interim varibles to 1 because pixel has now changed to red dominant because of sending number 4
            $k = 1
            Send ("{4}")
            While ($i + $k = 2) And $v = 0                      ;While pixel has more red than either blue or green, and FSuspend isnt active, run 40 ms loops, delaying further action
               $h = RedCheck(1042, 1308)                            ;Get RGB value of pixel every 40ms
               $x = Number($h[3])
               $q = Number($h[2])
               $e = Number($h[1])
               If ($q >= $x) Then                                   ;See if more green than red
                  $i = 0
               If ($e >= $x) Then                                   ;See if more blue than red
                  $k = 0
               Sleep (40)
         Sleep (20)
         $i = 0                                         ;Reset interim variables
         $k = 0
   Sleep (10)

;Function to find numerical values of R,G,B
Func RedCheck($x, $y)
   $hex = Hex(PixelGetColor($x, $y), 6)
   $r = Dec(StringRight($hex, 2)) & "|"
   $g = Dec(StringMid($hex, 3,2)) & "|"
   $b = Dec(StringLeft($hex, 2))
   Return StringSplit($r & $g & $b, "|")

;Suspend loop method 1
Func FSuspend()
If $v = 0 Then
   $v = 1
   $v = 0

;Suspend loop method 2
Func ASuspend()
If $j = 0 Then
   $j = 1
   $j = 0

;Pause Script
Func TogglePause()
    $Paused = NOT $Paused
    While $Paused

I use another separate script to: 

  1. Look for an event
  2. If event starts send("{h}") 
  3. Check if the event is ongoing
  4. If event ends send("{h}")

As a result, the script posted is effectively suspended for the duration of the event.


What I have tried

I've tried using HotKeySet() with F13-F24 as to not use any mapped keys but HotKeySet() doesn't seem to work with these virtual keys. I can successfully send virtual keys, but not have them register with HotKeySet(). All of the below hasn't worked:

HotKeySet("{F13}", "GenericFunction")
HotKeySet("{ASC 0x7C}", "GenericFunction")
HotKeySet("{ASC 124}", "GenericFunction")
HotKeySet(Asc(124), "GenericFunction")


Does anyone have any alternatives? 


Thank you in advance.

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There are several option to communicate between scripts. Just search for Mailslot  or Named pipes or $WM_COPYDATA which all could be used to exchange information between scripts.


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