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How do I merge these conditions together?

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I need to search pixel on both area, but when I combine it using If - and - then. It seems that it skips the
If PixelSearch(712, 137, 906, 244, 0x000000)
   PixelGetcolor( 101, 135) == 0x35A8F2)
   Here is how I merge
   If PixelSearch(712, 137, 906, 244, 0x000000) & PixelGetcolor( 101, 135) == 0x35A8F2) then
   Send("{ESC DOWN}")
   Sleep (100)
   Send("{ESC UP}")
   Sleep (3000)

It seems like it just jump to send ESC line without performing pixelsearch and pixelgetcolor. What did I do wrong?

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