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Auto Close Error Windows

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Can anybody help me with making this code automatically close down error windows as and when the appear please?

If WinExist("Error - Arbitrage Crypto Trader v.2.5.0") Then
   WinClose("Error - Arbitrage Crypto Trader v.2.5.0")

It works for closing the first error window, but i was hoping to have it on a loop so that it would close the other windows.




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Like this?

While WinExists("Error - Arbitrage Crypto Trader v.2.5.0", "")
    WinClose("Error - Arbitrage Crypto Trader v.2.5.0", "")

; Click start first pair.
MouseMove(470, 70)
MouseMove(1028, 255)

The script closes down the error windows that appear, but then doesn't move onwards with the mouse clicks.

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4 hours ago, RizlaUK said:

Like this?

Nope as that only will do it one time. Try thinking about the logic and script flow and I am sure you figure it out.  ;) 


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