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Determining whether a IE Button has been pressed or not?

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Hi  all 


So I am having trouble figuring out how to determine whether a button has been pressed 


The button I want to determine whether is pressed is the Dealt With Centrally button 

Now I have no problem pressing it using IEAction and it's ID however I cannot tell whether it is ticked or X'd 


I've attached the HTML of the button and I guess here is my code so far 

$DealtWithCentrallyButtonID = _IEGetObjByID($oIE, "dealtWithCentrallyButton" & $MatterNumber)
_IEAction($DealtWithCentrallyButtonID, "click")
$WindowHandle = "Message from webpage"
WinWait($WindowHandle, "", 50)

if WinActivate($WindowHandle) then
   CheckFieldEquals($WindowHandle, "Static2", "Status changed correctly", "Confirmation of status changed correctly")


ControlClick($WindowHandle, "", "Button1")




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