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changing _stringbetween to regex

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Hello, I am making a website archiving program, however, I was wondering one simple thing that I don't get cause I'm new to regex


I want to preform the following with regex:

$readdata = _StringBetween(_INetGetSource($incrementchar &$incrementnum), 'data="', '"')

I am trying with regex see below(but it doesnt seem to work at all)

$regex2 = '/data=(["'& "\'])(.*?)\1/"
$readdata = StringRegExp(_INetGetSource($incrementchar &$incrementnum), $regex2, 0)

my conditional statement for $readdata is as shown below(but never gets executed)

If IsNumber($readdata) = 1 Then

Please help! How do I get the stringregex to operate like _stringbetween

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Why are you using IsNumber? Just check the return of the function directly, you only get a 1 or a zero, so just check to see if it's 1 without the IsNumber. I'm not sure if the return from StringRegExp is a numeric one, or the string "1", but might be the issue.

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It's quite different. _StringBetween is used to get occurences of strings, while StringRegExp with flag 0 (default) is used to check something and returns true/false (match/no match)

So if you just need to check if there are some data (or not) between data=" and  " , then this could work

$txt = 'something data="some data here" something else'
If StringRegExp($txt, 'data="([^"]+)') Then Msgbox(0,"", "yes")

$txt = 'something data="" something else'
If not StringRegExp($txt, 'data="([^"]+)') Then Msgbox(0,"", "no")

[^"]+  means : "one or more non-quote characters"

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