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FileCopy issue


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Hi everybody :)
It's the very 1st time i use the command FileCopy() and I got an issue when experimenting its parameters.

#include <FileConstants.au3>
#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>


Global $aFilesToCopy[2] = ["SciTE.session", "SciTEUser.properties"]
$iFilesToCopy = UBound($aFilesToCopy)

$sDirFrom = "D:\Internet Sources 2\AutoIt - scripts pour Windows (oui)\" & _
    "AutoIt - 16 mars 2018\Avec Installateur\"

$sDirTo = "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrateur\"

For $i = 0 To $iFilesToCopy - 1
    $iStatus = FileCopy($sDirFrom & $aFilesToCopy[$i], $sDirTo, $FC_OVERWRITE)
    If $iStatus = 0 Then
        MsgBox(BitOr($MB_TOPMOST, $MB_ICONERROR), "End of script", _
            "File " & $aFilesToCopy[$i] & _
            " could not be copied. Please check parameters")

MsgBox($MB_TOPMOST, "Done", _
    $iFilesToCopy & _
    " file" & (($iFilesToCopy > 1) ? ("s") : ("")) & _
    " successfully copied")

; ========================
Func Check_Process_Scite()

    Local $sProcessname = "Scite.exe"
    If ProcessExists($sProcessname) Then
        MsgBox(BitOr($MB_TOPMOST, $MB_ICONINFORMATION), $sProcessname, _
            "This process is active, please close it." & @CRLF & _
            "Then re-run the script outside Scite")

EndFunc ; Check_Process_Scite()

The precedent script works without error because source path and destination path exist on my HD, so files "SciTE.session" and "SciTEUser.properties" are correctly copied from source to destination (after a check that the process Scite.exe isn't running)

Then I experimented the case where the destination path doesn't exist and the flag $FC_CREATEPATH (8) is not present, so I modified the destination path line to a non-existent path :

$sDirTo = "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrateur2\" ; added "2" in last subfolder name

I re-ran the script (without error !) and the successful message appears ("Done, 2 files successfully copied") but in fact this is how and where both files were copied :


"SciTE.session" was copied under a new name "Administrateur2" (1KB)
Immediately followed by "SciTEUser.properties" copied with the same new name "Administrateur2" (2KB) and overwriting the first "Administrateur2", this is not what was expected.

I have 2 remarks concerning this behavior :
1) If the non-existent destination path had been created like this :

$sDirTo = "C:\Documents and Settings2\Administrateur\" ; added "2" but not in last subfolder name

Then the error would appear when running the script, because there is a subdirectory under the non-existent folder "C:\Documents and Settings2\"

2) To solve both situations, I modified the copy line to what follows (like we did sometimes in the old Dos/Windows days where a directory name could be mixed up with a file name in some situations) :

$iStatus = FileCopy($sDirFrom & $aFilesToCopy[$i], $sDirTo & $aFilesToCopy[$i], $FC_OVERWRITE)

With this modified FileCopy line, there will be an error with both "non-existent destination path" cases, especially the annoying ".....\Administrateur2\"  one, exactly what we want :)

Of course, one could test before the copy operation that the destination path already exists but well... you got the idea.
I wrote this because the help file doesn't state that you are allowed to indicate files names in the destination path parameter.
Thanks for reading

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