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dongle HASP (Sentinel) not working


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I normally use HASP/sentinel dongles in executables generated in VB. It consists into "pack" the .exe and then the program only will run if the usb dongle is at the PC.

So I packed  the AU3 .exe same way.  The image shows the message.when ran at the correct folder where the auxiliary files exists.


But If I run it at a folder where there is no auxiliary folders, the messages shows that these files does not exists. That means that the program started ok, did a lot of things, but probably when needed floating point it was not able to load the runtime. Just remembering, VB .exe Works ok.


Any clue?

*PS: this "packing" was done at a Win XP virtual machine, as I do not have the program to pack it at Win7. Could that be the reason, as AU3 does not work at XP and VB Works?

But at other hand, running at this XP machine I received the message that there is not auxiliary files at the folder... So it ran at XP...lixo1.jpg.8272cd18b84a503436bde0046bf2b5d3.jpg





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