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Detect if a program is active and run a hot key set afterwards


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Hi there. I would like to create a script/program that run in background and will automatically detect if MS word is running. Is so, then perform a key combination “ALT + G + PC + Enter” once (yes, merely performing key combination once). If detect activewindow=non-MS word, then will not perform such script/program.

In short, the result I want is: Run a detective script in background to determine if activewindows=ms word, then hotkeyset above and the program will not end after the script is run and will resume detecting for active windows in background.

Any ideas on where to start with? Many thx!😁

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16 hours ago, Earthshine said:

Start by reading the manual. Then actually write code. Then post it here if you need help. We’re not going to write it for you

Yea I have done the basic to make it run the key combo when I am in word... I mean in a passive way.

However I am not able to make it to run at background and let it detect "automatically" the active windows.

Any hints or method suggested?

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As a start, simply run a loop and wait for your window to get activated...

While 1
  $titel = WinGetTitle("")
  If ($titel <> "Word") Then ContineLoop
  ; run your commands

of course if your action do not close word, you'd have to prevent hammering your keys again and again into the same word instance...

Any of my own codes posted on the forum are free for use by others without any restriction of any kind. (WTFPL)

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