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_IEcreate Issue


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Hi MVPs and Experts,

I would like to ask your expertise on this issue I am experiencing with _IECreate() Function.

_IEcreate($url,1,0) still shows the Webpage when initiating another _IEcreate($url,1,0)

Example of my script is below:

#include <IE.au3>

local $oIE_call1 = _IECreate("https://apps.mypurecloud.ie/directory/#/analytics/agents/performance",1,0) ; Initial load of web to make sure I can connect immediately on it using the _IEcreate() in _test() Function.

Func _test()

local $oIE_call2 = _IECreate("https://apps.mypurecloud.ie/directory/#/analytics/agents/performance",1,0)



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There are a few issues with the code you posted --

  1. Variable name leading $ (_IEloadwait)
  2. Function containing 2nd _IECreate is never called

Suggest that you repost code that we can run to observe the problem you are attempting to solve. Be sure to also include the results from the Scite output window from when you ran the same code.

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