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Hi Guys im Working on my Script and im Trying to work on InetGet ahmmm my problem is only when i use InetGet on my other pc which is that pc is window 7 and IE8 probably . and when i run my Script and tell him to _INetGetSource and after few sec its returning on nothing no download or even read at all ? but when im using my windows 7 which is this computer that IE is already updated to 11 i think its working fine i just want to know if we have a chance to edit IE to work on IE8 or low version of IE Cause in my Mind i think IE is the most easiest way to Get a source or download files in website if some one can teach me how it would be great also if some one can show me that you just need to edit this script to work on IE8 or 9 or below it would be great also i know that some one will help me here its been a 3-5days since im searching for any other option  thanks guys 

#include <IE.au3>
#include <INet.au3>

Global $Site = "Site/text1.txt"
Global $GetSite = _INetGetSource($Site)

msgBox(0,"","" & $GetSite)



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