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Script that changes focus back to main GUI stops working after modal popup is detected


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I have 2 questions both are related in the same area of my script.

First, the script will check for a specific Internet Explorer title is active if so, it forces the focus back to GUI window input box. The one time it doesn't is when it detects an elemental name within a modal popup. When this does happen, it will go to an event handler to wait for a button to be clicked and then shift focus back to the GUI window input box. This works fine when the AutoIt script is first launched with a refreshed browser since the "_IEGetObjByName" is unable to find the element name in the modal pop up, the @error occurs.  However, once the modal pop up does occur, AutoIt will no longer send the focus back to the main GUI when the specific browser is active.  I'm sure there is a better way than to detect for the specific element name within the modal? But I'm not sure. Here is the core AutoIt script that I'm speaking of:

While 1
   If WinActive($proTrackerWindowTitle) Then
      ConsoleWrite('+ While loop ProTracker active detected! ' & @MSEC & @CRLF)
      $ie = _IEAttach("ProTracker")
      ConsoleWrite('+ While loop ProTracker _IEAttach! ' & @MSEC & @CRLF)
      $mismatchButton = _IEGetObjByName($ie, $proTrackerMisMatchButtonId)
      ConsoleWrite('+ While loop ProTracker _IEGetObjByName ' & @MSEC & @CRLF)
      $oEvent = ObjEvent($mismatchButton, "mismatchButton_")
      If @error Then setMainWindow()
   Sleep(100) ; Sleep to reduce CPU usage

Func mismatchButton_onclick($oEvtObj)
   ConsoleWrite('_MY_EVENT_HANDLER_onclick: ' & $oEvtObj & @CRLF)

Func setMainWindow()
    consoleWrite("setMainWindow initiated: " & @CRLF)
    ; resets focus back to main GUI window
    consoleWrite("setMainWindow WinActivate: " & @MSEC & @CRLF)
    $hWnd = WinWait($mainWindow)
    consoleWrite("setMainWindow WinWait: " & @MSEC & @CRLF)
    WinSetOnTop($hWnd, "", $WINDOWS_ONTOP)
    consoleWrite("setMainWindow WinSetOnTop: " & @MSEC & @CRLF)
    ControlFocus($hWnd, "", $inputScan)
    consoleWrite("setMainWindow complete: " & @MSEC & @CRLF)

Second, when the modal does pop up and I click the mismatched button, the Autoit event handler sends it 3-4 times. Is this correct? How can I reduce it to only when it clicks once? Here are the SciLite Logs of the event handler:

_MY_EVENT_HANDLER_onclick: 0
setMainWindow initiated: 
setMainWindow WinActivate: 042
setMainWindow WinWait: 053
setMainWindow WinSetOnTop: 053
setMainWindow complete: 053
_MY_EVENT_HANDLER_onclick: 0
setMainWindow initiated: 
setMainWindow WinActivate: 053
setMainWindow WinWait: 063
setMainWindow WinSetOnTop: 063
setMainWindow complete: 063
_MY_EVENT_HANDLER_onclick: 0
setMainWindow initiated: 
setMainWindow WinActivate: 064
setMainWindow WinWait: 075
setMainWindow WinSetOnTop: 075
setMainWindow complete: 075


Edited by Yodavish
logs are way to long. Updated to make it easier to read.
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my guess would be that you never disable the window from being set to on top. so its never going to be able to focus on the gui again bc the internet explorer window will always be on top.  it may actually focus on the gui window but it will never override the winsetontop setting unless you disable it or enable some kinda priority if thats even possible.

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