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Detect WM_VSCROLL in treeview

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i dont have a test example to test this currently

maybe some one is aware of the problem  and has  an already  function for this 

i think it it needs some-kind of  a proc function concerning the treeview

of-course a scroll needs to be detected also if its done from the mouse wheel

my final aim with this is to populate tree directory files in to the treeview handle to the point where they are visible in the window 

and to experiment how i can repopulate  left over files if any when scrolling is detected .etc


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Edit: works

Global $hEventProc = DllCallbackRegister('_EventProc', 'none', 'ptr;dword;hwnd;long;long;dword;dword')
    Global $hEventHook = _WinAPI_SetWinEventHook($EVENT_OBJECT_VALUECHANGE, $EVENT_OBJECT_VALUECHANGE, DllCallbackGetPtr($hEventProc), 0, $CurrentThreadId)
    Func _EventProc($hEventHook, $iEvent, $hWnd, $iObjectID, $iChildID, $iThreadID, $iEventTime)
        #forceref $hEventHook, $iObjectID, $iChildID, $iThreadID, $iEventTime
        If $CurrentThreadId = $iThreadID And $iObjectID = $OBJID_VSCROLL Then
            Switch $iEvent
                Case $EVENT_OBJECT_VALUECHANGE


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