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Autoit Recorder is not recording any action taken in 'odin' trading terminal application window.

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It seems, some application window(s) are restricted to automate it. I was trying to record actions under 'Indira Diet' and 'Odin diet' application window but it is surprise that it was not recording any action under it. Is it restricted? If yes, please, help me to solve it.

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I don't know anything about the AutoIt Recorder.  However there are other ways to record.

Every time a click or special keypress is captured add the mouse offsets to a list.

It might be a good idea to run this code too.  To see if there are any hidden windows with the same name as the window to wish to automate.

$sTitle = 'Indira Diet'
$aWin = WinList($sTitle)
ConsoleWrite("Found " & $aWin[0][0] & " Windows named: " & $sTitle & @CRLF)

People can help you better if you show the codes you are trying.

Best of luck.  Happy coding :)


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Can you get an automated click to click on anything?  Idk anything about the tool but it just sounds like a key and mouse logger.  Idk how a window could block the tool from registering mouse movements and clicks ect.  I'm sure anything is possible.   If the window is blocking the tool you're probably wasting your time thinking you're going to automate actions on the window. 

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Being a Trading/Accounting type of program, they may prevent automation for security etc reasons.

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